Syndicate Agreement

A syndicate agreement is valuable contract that should be used by anyone setting up a Eurojackpot syndicate. The document is designed to show that all members of the lottery syndicate understand and agree to the same rules by which they will buy tickets, play the game and distribute prizes. If you intend on playing Eurojackpot as part of a group, you need to have an official agreement in place to prevent any personal or legal disputes should you win a prize.

The syndicate manager should take responsibility for ensuring that all members read, agree to and sign the syndicate agreement and it is also the responsibility of the syndicate manager to keep it up to date. The syndicate agreement will need to include the following:

  • The date your group was formed.
  • The names of all participating players.
  • Contact details for the syndicate manager.
  • How many tickets will be played in each draw.
  • The numbers that each participating player will enter into draws, or, alternatively, an indication that a player or players will opt for randomly-selected numbers.
  • Each player’s financial contribution.
  • When players’ stakes are due.
  • Each player’s share of any prizes accumulated.
  • What happens if a player does not pay their stake for upcoming draws.
  • An agreement over whether the syndicate will allow their identities to be made public in the case of a jackpot win.
  • A signed agreement from the syndicate manager pledging to divide any winnings fairly between the players.

Draft Syndicate Agreement

Here is an example of a Eurojackpot syndicate agreement that you can download and amend to fit around the needs of your lottery group.

Draft Syndicate Agreement Download

The clauses detailed within the draft syndicate agreement are merely suggestions and you should seek legal advice before entering into any written contract. accepts no responsibility for, or any liability of losses from, the use of the draft agreement whether in part or in whole.