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Eurojackpot rules are easy to understand and are helpful for all new Eurojackpot players who require an overview of how this pan-European lottery works. It is worth spending some time reading through the Eurojackpot rules in the guide below to make sure you fully understand how this lottery works, so that when you come to play the Eurojackpot you will have all the information and knowledge you require. This page covers as many of the different rules as possible, and this Eurojackpot rules page is updated as and when the rules in the Eurojackpot change.

All legal lottery games have rules to guarantee that those games are perfectly fair and this means that players know exactly what to expect when they participate. The Eurojackpot rules that players need to be aware of are:

These Eurojackpot rules above cover the important areas of this lottery game. However, if you require more information such as how to play the Eurojackpot and Eurojackpot FAQ’s please visit the Eurojackpot Information page.

When Eurojackpot was first started, the rules stated the Eurojackpot top prize would not be permitted to rollover more than twelve times. This rollover cap was found to be too limiting for the growth of the game, so commencing with the draw of the 1st of February 2013 this limit was removed.