Distribution of Revenue

Each participating country allocates a portion of its revenue from Eurojackpot ticket sales to the prize fund, which pays out winnings based on fixed percentages of the fund itself.

The remaining revenue is shared between ticket retailers, operational costs, lottery or state taxes within the participating countries, payments to public initiatives and profit for the individual lottery operators. Each of the participating countries also uses Eurojackpot revenue to provide valuable funding for good causes; find out more about these initiatives at the dedicated page.

If you are interested in how the money from the prize fund is allocated to winning tickets, please visit the Prize Fund Distribution page.


Not disclosed

Czech Republic

  • 50% for lottery prizes
  • 23% for lottery tax
  • 27% not disclosed


  • 55% not disclosed
  • 45% for lottery prizes


  • 50% for lottery prizes
  • 18% for state gambling tax
  • 32% for operating expenses


  • 55% for lottery prizes
  • 27% to good causes
  • 8% for operating costs
  • 4% for retailer commissions
  • 4% in lottery taxes
  • 2% in profit


Not disclosed


Not disclosed


Not disclosed


  • 47% for lottery prizes
  • 32% for contributions to the state budget
  • 16% for operating and promotional costs
  • 5% for the cost of ticket sales


  • 50% for lottery prizes
  • Part of remaining 50% to fund Lithuanian Olympic Committee

The Netherlands

  • 50% for lottery prizes
  • 34% for costs
  • 16% for good causes


(After payment of lottery prizes and operating costs)

  • 64% of profit for sports initiatives
  • 18% of profit for cultural initiatives
  • 18% of profit for humanitarian initiatives


Not disclosed


Not disclosed


Not disclosed


Not disclosed


  • 50% to prizes
  • 50% not disclosed

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