Participating Countries

Eurojackpot is a pan-European lottery game which is enjoyed by millions of players across the continent. Originally there were six countries which took part in the very first draw in March 2012, but the popularity of the game quickly attracted the interest of other countries and there are now 19 participating nations.

Greece became the 19th country to join the game. Tickets went on sale on 6th March 2024.

The participating countries are:

Country Date Joined
Croatia1st February 2013
Czech Republic10th October 2014
Denmark23rd March 2012
Estonia23rd March 2012
Finland23rd March 2012
Germany23rd March 2012
Greece6th March 2024
Hungary10th October 2014
Iceland1st February 2013
Italy6th April 2012
Latvia1st February 2013
Lithuania1st February 2013
The Netherlands23rd March 2012
Norway1st February 2013
Poland9th September 2017
Slovakia9th October 2015
Slovenia23rd March 2012
Spain30th June 2012
Sweden1st February 2013

By having so many nations contributing to the game, the jackpot is usually much larger than those offered by most national lotteries and can quickly rise in value by more than €5 million between each draw.

View the Winners page to discover the number of jackpot winners there have been from each country.