Playing Eurojackpot Abroad

Whether you’re going away on holiday or just want to take part in the game when you’re in another country, here is some advice on how to play Eurojackpot when abroad.

Playing While on Holiday

If you are planning an international trip but are keen to carry on playing Eurojackpot while you are out of the country, there are a couple of options available to make sure you can still play the game. You could buy tickets in advance online to cover the length of time you’re away. Many of the participating countries offer subscription services to make it easier to play on a regular basis, which makes it the perfect option for when you’re out of the country. For example, the Finnish lottery operator Veikkaus lets players to sign up to a subscription service and then they are entered automatically into draws until they decide to cancel the subscription, with any winnings going straight into their online account.

There is a similar system at WestLotto in Germany, with the added bonus that players can decide to use a ‘Quick Tip’ subscription and specify how often they would like to change their numbers – every week, or every two, three, four or five weeks. If you prefer not to subscribe, you can still enter a few Eurojackpot draws in advance to cover a short period away from home – in Finland, for example, you can choose to play Eurojackpot over two, three or five weeks, which would cover the typical length of a holiday.

Playing Eurojackpot in a Participating Country

Alternatively, you could buy your tickets in person if you are going on holiday to one of the countries which take part in the game. Remember to keep your ticket safe and don’t forget that Eurojackpot prizes must be claimed in the country where the ticket was bought, so it is a good idea to check the results while you’re in the country, otherwise you will need to make a return visit to claim any prizes.

Playing from a Non-Participating Country

You can still play Eurojackpot online, even if you don’t live in a participating country, find out more at the How to Play page.