Swedish Player Wins Top Eurojackpot Prize

Swedish Player Wins Top Eurojackpot Prize
Monday 11th May 2020 3:52 PM

Sweden has crowned its third jackpot winner in the history of Eurojackpot, after a ticket holder matched all the numbers in Friday’s draw. The top prize on 8th May was worth €13.2 million (141 million kr).

The winning numbers were 9, 11, 15, 36 and 43, with Euro numbers 8 and 9. Among 812,567 winning tickets, only one landed the top prize. Go to the Eurojackpot Results page for a full breakdown of all the prizes won.

Swedish lottery operator Svenska Spel has already announced that the lucky entry was sold at a Tanka petrol station in Ludvika, but no more information is yet known about whether it belonged to a single person or a syndicate.

Pierre Jonsson, winning ambassador at Svenska Spel, said: “What a great phone call I have in front of me! It will be incredibly fun to hear the reaction of the person who submitted the game. 

“Experience says that you have to go slowly when it comes to profits at this level. Seeing the winnings on a screen is one thing, but really taking in the amount and understanding what it means is something else entirely.”

While there has been no word yet from the winner, the owner of the petrol station that sold the ticket has expressed his delight at the news. He said he had cheered when he was told that one of his customers had become a multimillionaire.

Owner Rain Azzam said: “It means a lot to us because I took over the store in February this year. I'm really happy and super shocked right now.”

Friday’s jackpot ranks as the largest prize to have been paid out in Sweden all year, and the third-biggest ever won in the country in Eurojackpot. The previous record was set last year, when a couple from Örebro landed 561 million kr (€53 million).

The jackpot has now been won twice in a row, after a player from Germany won €90 million - the maximum possible prize on Eurojackpot - the previous week. Play Eurojackpot now to try and win the next jackpot of €10 million.

Article Last Updated: Monday 11th May 2020 at 3:52 PM