Eurojackpot Record is Equalled Again in Germany

Eurojackpot Record is Equalled Again in Germany
Monday 4th May 2020 3:15 PM

The record for the largest prize ever won in Eurojackpot has been matched in the latest draw, with a single player scooping €90 million. Once again, it was a German ticket holder who equalled the record.

The jackpot had proved elusive since a participant from North Rhine-Westphalia won €90 million on 7th February. It climbed to its maximum €90 million amount ahead of the draw on 3rd April, and remained at this value until the following month.

Finally, on 1st May, an entry matched all the winning numbers - 6, 11, 12, 21 and 41 plus Euro numbers 1 and 2. It was announced after the draw that the lucky ticket had been sold in the German region of Bavaria.

There has been no news yet about the winner’s identity, or even whether the ticket belongs to an individual or a syndicate. However, they have three years to claim and a Lotto Bayern spokeswoman says it is quite common for winners to take their time.

Spokeswoman Verena Ober said: “Often the winners have to wait a few days and digest the shock. Such a win changes life.”

There were more than 1.5 winners altogether in Friday’s draw, including four players who pocketed €6.1 million for matching five main numbers plus one Euro number.

All four of these winners came from Germany and benefited from the increased prize fund in the second tier that is produced when the jackpot cap has been activated.

Big Eurojackpot Prizes

Eurojackpot has reached its maximum jackpot several times since it first happened in 2015. The first player to win a €90 million prize was a player from the Czech Republic, and the jackpot cap has been triggered at least once a year ever since.

The first time that the maximum jackpot was shared was in January 2017, when five players – three from Germany, one from Denmark and one from the Netherlands – matched all the numbers to win €18 million each.

The jackpot for the next draw will be worth €10 million. Tickets will be available in all 18 participating countries – including Italy, which is now offering the game again for the first time since March following a temporary suspension of ticket sales due to coronavirus. You can also take part online for the chance to win the jackpot.

Article Last Updated: Monday 4th May 2020 at 3:15 PM