Eurojackpot Welcomes Poland

Eurojackpot Welcomes Poland
Friday 8th September 2017 8:50 AM

A new Eurojackpot era will begin on Saturday when tickets for the game go on sale in Poland. It will become the 18th country to take part and Eurojackpot chairman Andreas Kötter is delighted to see even more players getting the chance to participate.

Poland’s entry was announced back in June at the ninth European Lotteries Congress in Krakow, and the draw on Friday 8th September will be the final game with 17 countries. Polish players will then be able to purchase tickets for the first time ahead of the draw on Friday 15th September.

Slovakia was the last new nation to join Eurojackpot, in October 2015, and Poland’s introduction means that the game will have twice as many participating countries as the other great pan-European lottery, EuroMillions.

The addition of Poland, and potentially millions of new players, will help to drive up ticket sales and ensure the jackpot grows more quickly. Eurojackpot chairman Kötter said: “Eurojackpot's DNA is a joint player's experience across national boundaries, and we are delighted to see the success achieved by the state-run lottery companies in Europe. Welcome Poland!”

Take a look at the participating countries page to find a list of all the places where the game is played, and when they all joined. If you want to try and win a fabulous prize in the last draw before Poland joins, there is a €22 million jackpot available tonight. You can buy tickets from authorised retailers in any of the participating nations, or choose numbers online. Good luck!

Article Last Updated: Friday 8th September 2017 at 8:50 AM