Eurojackpot Grand Prize Reaches Its €120 Million Cap

Eurojackpot Grand Prize Reaches Its €120 Million Cap
Monday 8th January 2024 12:24 PM

Eurojackpot’s top prize has been growing since last year and it reached its maximum amount of €120 million on the 13th rollover. This is the first time in 2024 when the jackpot cap is reached.

The Friday draw held on 5th January was the first one which had the €120 million jackpot on offer. Although no one managed to match the seven winning numbers, nine lucky tickets had five main numbers and one Euro number, bringing their holders no less than €2.38 million each. Out of these nine tickets, seven of them were purchased in Germany, one in the Netherlands, and another in Spain. In total, there were more than 1.4 million prizes offered across all 18 participating countries. 

As the jackpot cap was already triggered in the Friday draw, no additional funds can be added as the top prize reached €120 million. In case there are any excess funds, these will be diverted into the second prize tier (Match 5 + 1 Euro number). This category also has its own cap of the same amount (€120 million) and, if reached, excess funds will roll down to the lower prize tier (Match 5). 

Unlike other European lotteries, there is no limit to the number of draws which can keep the jackpot at €120 million. Moreover, the prize fund in the second tier may be increased and could be worth more than €10 million or €15 million as long as ticket sales go well. This means that larger prizes can be won on such occasions. 

The jackpot cap has been previously reached three times. The first time was on 19th July 2022, and a Danish player won in the following draw. Four months later, on 8th November, a German player from Berlin also won the biggest-ever Eurojackpot prize. In 2023, only one player from the north German state of Schleswig-Holstein scooped the record-breaking jackpot on 23rd June.

Want a chance at winning the big jackpot? You can enter the game twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you can’t match all seven numbers, there are 11 other ways in which you can win. Whether you visit an authorised lottery retailer in one of the 18 participating countries or you enter online, you could become the first multi-millionaire of the year. 

Article Last Updated: Monday 8th January 2024 at 12:29 PM