If you have won a large Eurojackpot prize, you will find yourself facing one of the most difficult decisions of your life - will you accept the publicity and have your name publicised across the continent or will you choose to remain anonymous? There are advantages and disadvantages to either option, so you’ll need to think carefully about what you decide to do.

Most of the biggest Eurojackpot winners have chosen to remain anonymous, including the player who won the first €90 million jackpot on 15th May 2015. The Czech lottery company Sazka would reveal only that the winner of Eurojackpot’s largest prize was a middle-aged man who had bought his ticket in the city of Pardubice.

Similarly, both a German man from the North Rhine-Westphalia region who won €76.8 million on the 25th March 2016 and a Finnish ticket holder from Espoo who won €61.1 million on 12th September 2014 opted to keep their identities secret. A German craftsman who won a jackpot on 5th December 2014 and collected a prize of €58.6 million even took the step of continuing to work so his colleagues didn’t suspect that he was now a multi-millionaire.

Why Remain Anonymous after a Lottery Win?

Many lottery winners decide to remain anonymous after a large lottery win because they want to protect their privacy and that of their families. They may worry that they will receive unwanted attention from the media or the public if they were to go forward with news of the win.

Another concern is how their family members and close friends might react. There might be disagreements over the distribution of the prize, which could then lead to resentment and strained relationships. By not revealing themselves as the lucky winner, they may feel as if they are taking steps to protect their current quality of life and that of their loved ones.

Why Opt for Publicity after a Lottery Win?

In the case of a big Eurojackpot win, you might want to get all the publicity out of the way in one press conference, which would be organised and controlled by your country’s lottery operator. You would meet the press on your terms and give your point of view, rather than worry about anyone selling their story about you first. Winning the jackpot would be hard to hide, and it could be that you’d have to go public anyway if a family member or friend accidentally revealed that you were the winner. Others may find that they enjoy their moment of fame as they hold a large cheque up in front of the cameras.

In some instances, going public with a lottery win cannot be avoided, especially when a large sum of money is involved. For example, consider the case of Norwegian Eurojackpot winner Yngvar Borgersen. On 3rd May 2013, Yngvar won a jackpot worth €13.48 million, an amount that allowed him to purchase shares in a promising young footballer. This move permitted his local team, Odd Grenland, to keep the player, granting the newly-crowned millionaire instant fame in his homeland. These actions would not have gone unnoticed had he chosen to remain anonymous, as the public could have easily demanded that the identity of the benefactor be revealed in the name of transparency. This made Borgerson’s choice to go public with his win a sensible decision.

The Choice is Yours

If you are lucky enough to win a life-changing Eurojackpot prize, make sure you take some time to consider your options before settling on a decision as to whether to take the publicity or not. The lottery operator in your country will usually offer you advice on what you should do, depending on your personal situation. Just remember – you have the rest of your life to enjoy your win!