Three Players Share €90 Million Eurojackpot Prize

Three Players Share €90 Million Eurojackpot Prize
Monday 25th November 2019 9:59 AM

The joint-largest Eurojackpot prize in history was split three ways on Friday 22nd November, as two players from Germany and one from Hungary landed a share of the €90 million jackpot. There were also eight other multimillionaires created on a great night for ticket holders across Europe.

The winning numbers were 3, 12, 24, 37 and 38, plus Euro numbers 3 and 7. There were more than 41 million entries into the draw and more than 2 million of those snapped up prizes. Go to the Eurojackpot Results page for a full prize breakdown.

Hungarian Record

The biggest winners on the night were the three participants who matched all the numbers to land €30 million each. It was quickly announced that two of the winning tickets were sold in Germany - one in Bavaria and one in Hesse - while the other was sold in Hungary. Eurojackpot chairman Andreas Kötter said: “Congratulations. This is what a golden autumn looks like.”

For Hungary, it was only the country’s second jackpot win since the game started, and set a new national record. The largest lottery payout in Hungary’s history had previously been the €22 million won by a Eurojackpot player back in February 2017. The latest winner’s share of the jackpot works out at more than 10 billion forints.

Second Prize Worth €23 Million

The second prize in Friday’s draw was also worth a staggering €23 million. There is a €90 million cap on the jackpot, so funds that would normally be added to the top prize have to go to the ‘Match 5 +1’ category instead once this maximum amount has been reached. Players are therefore able to land a share of a bigger prize without having to match all the numbers.

On Friday night, the eight ticket holders in the second tier pocketed €2.9 million each. Four of these winners came from Germany, two from Finland, one from Denmark and one from Italy.

The jackpot had previously been rolling over since a Norwegian man won more than €44 million on 20th September. The top prize reached its cap ahead of the draw on 15th November and it would have stayed there until someone won. There is no limit on how long the jackpot can remain at €90 million in Eurojackpot.

The maximum jackpot has now been won nine times in total since the launch of Eurojackpot in 2012, including three times this year. A syndicate from Finland won €90 million in August, while the money was shared between a German player and a Polish player back in May.

The top prize for the next draw on Friday will be €10 million. Go to a lottery retailer in any of the 18 participating countries to take part, or play online.

Article Last Updated: Monday 25th November 2019 at 9:59 AM