Struggling Family Change Fate With €429,710 Eurojackpot Win

Struggling Family Change Fate With €429,710 Eurojackpot Win
Thursday 28th March 2019 12:14 PM

A struggling family in Denmark have turned their lives upside-down with a shock Eurojackpot win amounting to €429,710 (DKK 3.2 million).

A mother-daughter duo were one of four ticket holders to match five numbers and one Euro number in the Eurojackpot draw on Friday 8th March this year.

The win couldn’t have come at a better time; the family from Aarhus have reportedly been struggling to make ends meet.

Eurojackpot Win Changes Fate

Speaking to local news outlets, the mother revealed she had been on welfare benefits for much of her daughter’s upbringing, and is now an early retiree. Money was hard to come by in the household, and their poor luck seemed to come to a head when her daughter was recently made redundant.

But their luck changed for the better on the 8th March – in more ways than one. Earlier the same day, the mother received word that she was due for a small tax rebate.

“We had just talked about my mother getting a small amount back in taxes,” the daughter said of the moment, “so we agreed that it was our lucky day… When I saw [that we won], I was shocked!”

Holiday On The Cards For Lottery Winners

Now that money is far less of an issue for the family, the mother wants to sets things right.

“It has been very hard for me that I have never been able to afford some great experiences with my daughter […] we have never travelled. Because we now have the opportunity to leave, just us two, it just makes me so happy - even though I have not yet fully understood that it is true.”

The mother and daughter duo have never travelled, but now hope to rectify that with a trip to Thailand.

While they won’t be receiving the entirety of their winnings for a couple of weeks, the family have received an advance payment of over €13,000 (DKK 100,000). They have already been shopping to enjoy their newfound wealth, but have maintained that they will otherwise be paying debts and securing a future: “We have been shopping a little, as we got an advance” says the daughter, “otherwise I just think [the money] should be used to keep us afloat!”

In this heartwarming case, the Eurojackpot lottery has led a winning family not only to indulgence, but to financial independence and peace of mind.

Eurojackpot is a lottery that offers prizes of up to €90 million every Friday night, and is played in 18 nations. Around €6 billion in prize money has been given out since the lottery’s inception, and winners like the family above are emerging every week. To learn more about Eurojackpot, take a look at this How To Play guide.

Article Last Updated: Thursday 28th March 2019 at 12:14 PM