Hungary’s Record Winner Vows To Keep Playing

Hungary’s Record Winner Vows To Keep Playing
Thursday 16th January 2020 10:13 AM

The Hungarian player who won €30 million in the Eurojackpot draw on 22nd November has come forward to claim their money. They revealed that they plan to carry on playing the game despite becoming the country’s biggest-ever lottery winner.

The jackpot was at its maximum amount of €90 million for the 22nd November draw, and three lucky ticket holders matched all the numbers to grab a share of the money. The other two winners came from Germany - one from Bavaria and one from Hesse - while for Hungary the payout was a new national record.

The winner had 90 days to stake a claim with Hungarian lottery operator Szerencsejáték, and they decided to wait until just a few days ago to make contact. With the prize - worth around 10 billion forints - now paid out, more details have been revealed about the record-breaker.

It is unusual for lottery winners in Hungary to disclose personal information and the latest winner has opted to stay anonymous, but they did fill out a questionnaire to shed some light on their story and what they want to do next.

The winner revealed that they had played Eurojackpot every week for several years, picking numbers that were significant to them and always buying their tickets on the same day. They found out that they had won after going to a retailer to check their numbers, and immediately told their spouse.

Looking to the future, the winner wanted their whole family to benefit from the money, while they were also planning to donate to charitable causes and also make some investments with the help of a financial advisor. They also had plans to travel, buy a car and a flat, and continue playing Eurojackpot every week.

Jackpot Soars Higher Than €50 Million

The jackpot was won twice more in 2019 after the €90 million draw in November, but has now rolled over four times in a row and will be worth an estimated €53 million for the next draw on Friday night.

The game is played in a total of 18 countries and offers 12 different ways to win, so you can even pick up a prize for matching any combination of three numbers across the five main balls and two Euro numbers.

Take part now by visiting an authorised retailer in one of the participating nations or playing online, then just sit back and wait for the draw. You can find the latest Eurojackpot Results straight after every draw.

Article Last Updated: Thursday 16th January 2020 at 10:13 AM