How To Choose Numbers For €54 Million Eurojackpot Draw

How To Choose Numbers For €54 Million Eurojackpot Draw
Wednesday 10th January 2018 9:31 AM

The top prize in Eurojackpot has climbed to a gigantic €54 million after a run of six draws without a winner. Players from all 18 participating countries will be looking forward to taking part on Friday, and there are a variety of techniques for trying to pick the winning numbers.

Eurojackpot Statistics

One method for choosing numbers is to base your selection on statistics. If you believe that past results can provide an indication of what is likely to happen in the future, you can look at the Eurojackpot Statistics page to find out how frequently each number has been drawn, which numbers are most overdue and much more. The most frequently drawn numbers in Eurojackpot ahead of the next draw are 19, 40, 18, 7 and 1, with Euro numbers 5 and 8.

Personal Numbers

Another approach is to select numbers which are personally significant to you. It may be that you have always had a few favourite numbers, or like to use important dates such as family birthdays. The advantage here is that you will remember which numbers you played more easily and so will be able to instantly tell when you check the results whether you have won. However, if you only use dates you are limiting yourself to numbers of 31 and under. You may also be more likely to have to share any prizes you win as lots of other players will also have used dates, so it could be an idea to pick one or two numbers higher up in the 1-50 range.

Number Patterns

Some players like to use patterns, such as consecutive numbers or perhaps multiples of a certain number. However, the risk again here is that if your numbers did come up, you may have to split a big prize with lots of other players who have employed the same strategy. An alternative might be to use your playslip to make a pattern. A Christian pensioner from Germany cracked a jackpot of €50.2 million on May 26th last year after marking numbers in the shape of a crucifix on his playslip.

Random Numbers

If you are looking for a method of choosing numbers where you are less likely to have to share the jackpot with someone else, the best idea could be to pick random numbers. By using the Random Eurojackpot Number Generator, you can create a new line for yourself in an instant. It could just be that you walk away with this week’s €54 million jackpot!

Whether you use random numbers, statistics, personal numbers or a pattern, you can get involved now by going to an authorised retailer or choosing numbers online. Good luck!

Article Last Updated: Wednesday 10th January 2018 at 9:31 AM