German Player Wins Record €110 Million Eurojackpot Prize

German Player Wins Record €110 Million Eurojackpot Prize
Monday 23rd May 2022 8:55 AM

Just two months after a series of major changes were made to Eurojackpot, the record for the biggest win in the game’s history was broken as a player from Germany landed €110 million.

The lucky ticket holder matched the numbers 4, 22, 28, 32 and 47, plus Euro numbers 1 and 2, on Friday 20th May. On a historic night across Europe, there were also more than 1.2 million other prizes won. Check out a breakdown of all the winners.

It has been revealed that the jackpot-winning ticket was sold in North Rhine-Westphalia, but no other details have been announced yet. The winner has three years to claim their prize.

When the winner comes forward, they will take home the largest prize ever seen in Eurojackpot. The previous record of €90 million had belonged to several players, having been the maximum amount it was possible to win until March.

When the rules changed, the jackpot cap increased from €90 million to €120 million. The top prize went past €90 million for the first time after a rollover on Friday 13th May, and another draw without a win may have seen it reach its new limit.

A Tuesday draw was also introduced in March, while two more Euro numbers were added. The Euro numbers are now selected from a range of 1 to 12, rather than the previous 1 to 10.

The jackpot has only been won twice since the changes came in. A German player scooped €24 million on 1st April, and then seven weeks passed before one of their compatriots broke the record.

Germany has been the most successful country in Eurojackpot’s history, but big prizes are won all over Europe and the odds of winning are exactly the same regardless of where you play. Take part now for the chance to win the next jackpot.

Article Last Updated: Monday 23rd May 2022 at 8:55 AM