Eurojackpot Winner Discovers €18 million Ticket in Wallet 3 Weeks After Draw

Eurojackpot Winner Discovers €18 million Ticket in Wallet 3 Weeks After Draw
Friday 27th January 2017 12:28 PM

A Eurojackpot player from Hesse, Germany, has finally come forward to claim a prize of €18 million after leaving his winning ticket in his wallet for three weeks.

Five players shared the €90 million top prize in the Friday, 6th January Eurojackpot draw — the joint largest in the game’s history and the first time that the jackpot has ever been shared.

A player from the Netherlands, one from Denmark and two from Germany all swooped in to claim their prizes shortly after the winning numbers were announced. But the third and final German jackpot winner was nowhere to be seen until Wednesday this week when he finally reached out to lottery officials, telling them that he had found the winning ticket — worth a stunning €18 million — in his wallet earlier that day.

“I checked the numbers online,” the lucky Hessian said of the moment he discovered that the ticket he’d left in his wallet for three full weeks was worth a literal fortune. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw my numbers up there.”

The happy winner said that he had Eurojackpot to thank not just for the win, but for alerting him to it, telling lottery officials that it was only when he went to play the lottery again that he remembered having bought a ticket for the earlier draw.

But despite now being rich beyond his wildest dreams, the final jackpot winner of 6th January’s gigantic draw says that he isn’t about to let the money go to his head.

"We don’t need a Maserati;” he said of his plans for the cash, “the family already has a car.”

“I am quite pleased that I don’t have to pay much attention to the prices when I go shopping in the supermarket, though,” he added. “That is true luxury ".

Tonight’s estimated Eurojackpot jackpot stands at a handsome €26 million — be sure to keep close tabs on your tickets!

Article Last Updated: Friday 27th January 2017 at 12:28 PM