Eurojackpot Hits its Jackpot Cap of €90 Million for the Fourth Time

Eurojackpot Hits its Jackpot Cap of €90 Million for the Fourth Time
Monday 29th January 2018 10:44 AM

Eurojackpot hit its jackpot cap of €90 million for the fourth time in the game’s history after there was no top prize winner in the draw on Friday 26th January. The jackpot has now rolled nine times since 24th November, when a player from Denmark claimed kr.63,257,880 (€10 million).

Friday’s Eurojackpot Draw

The winning Eurojackpot numbers on Friday 26th January were 10, 23, 26, 29 and 35 with Euro numbers 3 and 5. Although there was no jackpot winner, two players, from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany and the Czech Republic, banked €1.5 million for matching all five main numbers and one of the Euro numbers.

There were more than 1.5 million winners on the night, and you can find a full prize breakdown, as well as results from the country-specific supplementary draws across the continent, at the Eurojackpot Results page. 

Two Jackpots to Play For

Not only can you play for a record-equalling €90 million jackpot in the first prize tier, but there is also €15 million to be shared between the players who match five main numbers and one Euro number. This is because the jackpot is capped at €90 million and any funds from ticket sales that would have boosted it higher instead roll down into the second tier.

As the jackpot last Friday would have been worth €85 million to anyone who could have snapped it up, only €5 million of those week’s sales are needed to take it to the cap, leaving the rest to be added to the Match 5+1 fund. Whereas that prize pool was worth €3 million last week, it is expected to be five times larger this Friday and the odds of winning in that tier are just 1 in 5.9 million, making this a great opportunity to become a Eurojackpot millionaire.

Previous Jackpot Cap Wins

Eurojackpot has hit its jackpot cap on three previous occasions:

The first player to win the maximum possible €90 million did so on 15th May 2015. The winner, a Czech man from the city of Pardubice, staked his claim at Czech lottery headquarters, where he picked up a cash advance of Kč270,000 (approximately €10,000) and promptly left in order to catch his train.

A player from the Black Forest in Germany won €90 million on Friday 14th October 2016.

Five ticket holders shared €90 million on 6th January 2017, the first time in the history of the game that the jackpot had been shared. The winners were Leif and Aase Sommer of Denmark, as well as three Germans and a ticket holder from the Netherlands.

Win Eurojackpot

For your chance to bank €90 million this Friday, you can buy Eurojackpot tickets at stores in each of the participating countries, or pick your numbers online now to keep your lines safe and secure ahead of this gigantic lottery draw.

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