Eurojackpot Fans Aim to Claim Friday’s €18 Million

Eurojackpot Fans Aim to Claim Friday’s €18 Million
Thursday 19th January 2017 11:51 AM

The dust may have only just settled on the last huge Eurojackpot top prize, but lottery fans from every corner of the continent are once again hoping to strike it rich and prevent another rollercoaster ride of rollovers as the prize pot hits €18 million ahead of this Friday’s draw. Three players came within one number of securing last week’s €10.6 million reward, but were each forced to settle for a very handsome €483,921 instead.

Ticket holders will be desperate to follow in the footsteps of the five most recent jackpot winners, who each claimed a share of a €90 million prize on Friday 6th January. The fortuitous lottery fans claimed the gigantic prize following ten consecutive rollovers dating back to Friday 21st of October, when a single German ticket scooped €10.5 million. The winners, who include Danish pensioners Leif and Aase Sommer, became the first players to split a jackpot five ways in the game’s history.  

With five jackpot winners already crowned within the first few weeks of January, 2017 is looking exceptionally bright for Eurojackpot enthusiasts. At the same stage last year, only one player had celebrated a win, a figure that has already been improved upon. This latest result has also provided other nations with a glimmer of hope following a year of German and Finnish dominance. Players from the two countries collectively claimed every prize dating back to the 9th of October 2015, a run that was halted by the emergence of victors from Denmark and the Netherlands in the first draw of this year.     

The luck of the draw isn’t just reserved for jackpot winners either, as a German woman became a millionaire following a moment of sheer forgetfulness. The Berlin resident, who regaled lottery officials with her tale upon collecting her reward, won two prizes worth nearly €600,000 on 6th January after purchasing a pair of identical tickets. The lucky woman bought her original entry for the draw, only to forget and buy a duplicate ticket. However, this mistake was soon rewarded as her numbers appeared in the draw, proving that good luck can strike at any time in the world of Eurojackpot.  

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a Eurojackpot prize of your own, tickets are available to purchase online or from any authorised retailer in participating countries. Best of luck!

Article Last Updated: Monday 23rd January 2017 at 12:07 PM