Eurojackpot Crowns its 100th Millionaire

Eurojackpot Crowns its 100th Millionaire
Friday 18th August 2017 10:27 AM

Last Friday’s Eurojackpot draw saw the game celebrate the crowning of its 100th millionaire. The pan-European lottery, which is currently played by 18 nations across the continent, reached its century after 282 draws following its inception in March 2012.

This latest milestone was achieved thanks to the good fortune of two players, from Germany and Spain, who both collected €2.7 million after correctly matching five main numbers and one of the two Euro numbers in the draw on Friday 11th August. Although the game’s top prize of €38.1 million went unclaimed, these were the first million-Euro-plus sums to be claimed since a Finnish ticket holder landed €46.5 million in the draw on Friday 7th July.

The German ticket holder, who is being hailed as the 100th millionaire, resides in the region of Rems-Murr and made himself known to Baden-Wuerttemberg state lottery shortly after his win was announced. The mystery winner decline the opportunity to have his details published.

The landmark win was confirmed by Eurojackpot spokesman Andreas Kötter, who was quick to highlight the success of the lottery. He also pointed out that there were plenty of other winners, with more than 1,000 ticket holders having already experienced the joys of winning more than €100,000.

Of the 100 millionaires, German players have enjoyed the most success by far, with 53 of the 100 lucky winners purchasing their tickets from the western European nation. Germany also holds the record for the most jackpot winners, with 21 players having landed the top prize. That figure is some way clear of the second-placed country, Finland, which is able to boast 14 jackpot winners.

Of course, you don’t have to live in Germany in order to land a multimillion-Euro prize. If you would like to get your hands on the jackpot of €46 million in tonight’s Eurojackpot draw, you can pick your numbers online or play via any authorised retailer in participating countries. Good luck!

Article Last Updated: Friday 18th August 2017 at 10:27 AM