€78 Million On Offer In Friday’s Eurojackpot Draw

€78 Million On Offer In Friday’s Eurojackpot Draw
Tuesday 15th May 2018 11:00 AM

The Eurojackpot top prize is worth an enormous €78 million ahead of this Friday’s draw. There have already been three jackpot winners this year, so will another be crowned on 18th May?

What Do The Statistics Say

Many lottery players are very strategic in how they pick their numbers for Eurojackpot draws. Our Statistics page is a useful tool in this regard, as it looks at all the numbers in detail, showing the most frequently drawn numbers, odd numbers and more. While every set of numbers has an equal chance of being drawn, these statistics can give some insight into which combinations are most commonly seen in the Eurojackpot lottery.

If you prefer a less analytical approach to playing lotteries, a Lucky Dip could be your method of choice, or the Random Number Generator, which can provide a completely random set of numbers to use in upcoming draws. It could be that numbers are based on memorable dates such as birthdays. This is a common approach, and as these numbers are often at the lower end of the scale, there’s slightly more chance that you would split the jackpot with another player should you win.

Some players play the same numbers for every draw out of sheer superstition, convinced that the numbers will come up if they change them. How you choose your numbers doesn’t matter; all that counts is that you have a ticket to be in with a chance of winning.

Three Jackpot Winners In 2018

Over 17 million tickets have won a prize in Eurojackpot so far in 2018, and three of those have been jackpot-winning tickets. A Finnish five-person syndicate from Loimaa won the first jackpot of the year in February, landing a €90 million windfall after the jackpot cap was activated. It was a historic draw for Finland, and the country’s biggest ever winning ticket.

A Eurojackpot player from Germany then followed in the footsteps of their Finnish counterparts by landing €42.6 million in March to become a multi-millionaire overnight. The winning ticket was bought in Neukölln, south-east of Berlin. A Norwegian Eurojackpot player then landed the jackpot two weeks later, securing a €17.4 million payout after matching all five main numbers and two Euro numbers. The woman from Aust Agder announced her plans to jet off to Thailand to celebrate her new-found wealth.

The jackpot cap could be reached again if this Friday’s €78 million jackpot keeps on rolling over. More information can be found on our Jackpot Cap page.

Pick Seven Numbers Now

Followers of Eurojackpot from all eighteen participating countries will be desperate to land the eight-figure top prize this Friday. The jackpot has been steadily rolling over for eight draws now, and there’s still time to play offline at authorised ticket retailers or online via lottery concierge services. To enter online, visit our Play page and follow the on-site instructions to pick numbers for the draw.

Article Last Updated: Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 11:00 AM