How to Win Eurojackpot

As Eurojackpot is a game of chance, the only guaranteed method for winning the jackpot is to purchase tickets for every possible combination of numbers, which would be very difficult to coordinate as there are 139,838,160 possible combinations. However, there are various ways in which you can increase your chances of winning:

Play in a Syndicate

As the odds of winning Eurojackpot are the same for each and every ticket, the only way to increase the likelihood of winning is to purchase more tickets, which can become prohibitively expensive for a single player. By joining a syndicate, you can keep costs down while having a greater number of tickets entered into the draw. Keep in mind that any prizes won by the group will be shared between all members.

You could join a syndicate with friends, family or work colleagues and decide how many tickets you buy for each draw, or you can join an online syndicate. Look at the Syndicates page for more information.

Systematic Entries

A system entry, or a systematic entry, lets you mark off more than five main numbers and two Euro numbers on your Eurojackpot playing card, creating more combinations and boosting your chances of winning a prize. For example, you might decide to play six main numbers and three Euro numbers, which would give you 18 possible combinations of numbers as opposed to just one. The Finnish lottery operator for instance, lets players mark off as many as 12 main numbers or as many as 10 Euro numbers, and all the different combinations covered by these numbers will then be generated as separate lines. Keep in mind, however, that system entries will increase in price as you purchase more numbers and therefore more combinations.

Visit the Systems and Strategies page for more information.

Keep Track of the Jackpot Total

Whether the jackpot is at the minimum of €10 million or the maximum of €120 million, the odds of matching five main numbers plus both Euro numbers are still the same – 1 in 139,838,160. However, once the jackpot reaches its cap, excess funds are then diverted to the next winning prize tier. This is an ideal opportunity to win a larger prize with better odds, as matching five main numbers and one Euro number has odds of 1 in 6,991,908. For example, when one player from the Czech Republic won the €90 million jackpot in May 2015, another three participants won €7.6 million each after they matched five main numbers and one Euro number.

Analysing Statistics

You could consider using Eurojackpot statistics to help you choose your numbers. While it’s very common for players to choose numbers that have not been drawn for a long time, you can also look at the most frequently drawn numbers, the most common pairs of numbers, or the actual gap between a number being drawn and its next appearance as a winning number. Visit the Statistics section to learn more.

Play Online

Playing online is quick and convenient, providing the security of knowing that you will be automatically paid your winnings, as well as allowing you to enter draws in advance or play continuously via a subscription.