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Eurojackpot Scams

Eurojackpot lottery scams are designed to steal personal information and ideally money from innocent people. These lottery scams are carefully put together by criminals and all Eurojackpot players should become aware of the various Eurojackpot scams so that they don’t get caught out by one. There are numerous Eurojackpot lottery scams being promoted at any one time, but be smart and you can easily avoid falling prey to a Eurojackpot lottery scam.

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Knowing what to look for is key when it comes to dodging a lottery scam. Scams tend to come in three different forms; by telephone, through the post or via emails. Here we look at the different forms of Eurojackpot scams and how best to avoid becoming a victim of a lottery scam.

Telephone Lottery Scams

Scammers contact victims with a phone call to tell them that have won a large Eurojackpot lottery prize and are good at sounding knowledgeable and professional. They get the victim to believe that they have actually won a prize then ask them to provide private information such as their name, address, date of birth and most importantly bank details, such as credit/debit card details.

Telephone lottery scammers make various reasons as to why they need specific bank account information. For example they could say that they need the card details as proof of identity, because they need to pay a handling charge in order to receive their Eurojackpot winnings or so that the lottery prize can be paid directly into their bank account.

Postal Lottery Scams

Postal lottery scams are designed by criminals to contact large numbers of people all at the same time. By sending out letters that are designed to appear as authentic and official as possible the scammers aim is to get people to send back their personal details in order to claim their Eurojackpot prize. These letters can use official logos and are worded very cleverly to trick the victims into thinking that they have won a prize.

Postal scams work very similarly to telephone scams as they work on telling the reader that they have won a prize then informing them of how to claim their Eurojackpot winnings. Some of these letters may attach a claim form which the victim will need to send back or simply they could display a telephone number which the person needs to ring in order to receive their prize.

Email Lottery Scams

Email lottery scams are by far the most common form of Eurojackpot scams and work like postal scams as they are designed to reach a large numbers of people. However, email lottery scams are popular with criminals as at a touch of a button hundreds and thousands of people can be contacted at a very minimal cost.

In the email victims will be told that they have won a Eurojackpot prize and specific information on how to claim, therefore working the same way as a postal lottery scam. Either the email will provide a telephone number, postal address or email address for the victim to reply to in order for them to receive their prize.

Avoiding Lottery Scams

Regardless of which type of lottery scam it is, all Eurojackpot scams are put together for on purpose, for the scammers to obtain personal and financial information from as many people as possible. The criminals behind the various lottery scams want to know your personal details to then carry out further crimes, such as identity theft and also want to know financial details to directly steal money from the victims. The prospect of being caught out by a Eurojackpot lottery scam is daunting, but be aware and stick to these guidelines displayed below, which will help to avoid being caught up in a lottery scam.

Claim Direct

If you have bought a Eurojackpot ticket, checked the results and think you are a winner, then you need to contact the official lottery vendor who will have a certain claims procedure for you to follow. All tickets will display in small print what to do if you have won, so follow this process as described. If you purchased a Eurojackpot ticket online log into your account then you will either see your winnings already added to your account balance (depending on the win) or you will need to start the official claims process.

Did you participate?

If you receive a letter, telephone or email explaining that you have won a Eurojackpot prize that you believe to be genuine think if you did actually participate in that specific lottery game, because if you didn’t then you can’t have possibly won a prize. Lottery scammers will tell you that someone has selected you to win or that you have been randomly picked to win, but lotteries don’t work like that therefore what they are telling you will not be the truth.

Always Look Closely

Receiving an email or letter detailing that you have won a Eurojackpot prize, allows you to look at the finer details of the scam to see if you can spot any flaws. If you think that it is a real letter or email always look closely as scammers can use names for lottery organisations that although might sound legitimate don’t actually exist. Also look out for any spelling and grammatical errors, such as ‘Yous have wins a big lottary prize’ as scammers who don’t speak English often make these kind of mistakes.

As already stated, be smart when it comes to receiving a Eurojackpot lottery scam, because although scams are not uncommon they can be avoided if you adhere to the guidelines addressed above.