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Discover in-depth Eurojackpot prize statistics, such as the most jackpots won in a year, the average amount won by jackpot winners and jackpot winners by country.

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Most Jackpots Won in a Year

Achieved in 2016

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Most Consecutive Draws Jackpot Was Not Won

Friday 18th May 2012 to Friday 3rd August 2012,
Friday 2nd November 2012 to Friday 18th January 2013

Most Winners in a Single Draw Matching 5 + 2


Largest Amount Ever Won by One Ticket

15/05/2015 , 14/10/2016

Sum of Prizes Won Since Eurojackpot Started

Largest Jackpots by Year

These are the largest jackpots won in each year since Eurojackpot began. You can also find when the draw took place and how many tickets shared the jackpot.

Year Draw Date Jackpot Winners
2017 6th January 2017 €90,000,000 5
2016 14th October 2016 €90,000,000 1
2015 15th May 2015 €90,000,000 1
2014 12th September 2014 €61,170,753 1
2013 12th April 2013 €46,079,339 1
2012 26th October 2012 €21,320,215 1
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Jackpots Won in a Selected Year

View all of the jackpots won in a specific year, including total winners, the total amount won in jackpots and average jackpot won per ticket.

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Prizes Won in Each Country

View the total amount won in prizes from each country, including total winners and how they compare against other countries. You can also filter information specific to each year the lottery has been running.

Prizes Won in Each Prize Tier

View how many winners there have been in each Eurojackpot prize tier either since the start of the game or during a specific year.

Highest, Lowest and Average Prizes

This table shows the largest, smallest and average prize amounts won in each Eurojackpot prize tier. You can also filter by year and by participating country.

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Trend of Winners Over the Last 6 Months

Trend of Prize Amounts Over the Last 6 Months

Jackpot History

This graph shows how the jackpot changes over time and how the amount is affected by each draw without a jackpot winner and increased interest in the game.

This information was last updated on Monday 26th June 2017 at 07:26:36 UTC.

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