Eurojackpot iPhone & iPad App Help

Find out how to use the Eurojackpot iPhone and iPad app.

If you’d like to know more about the features offered by the app, visit the Eurojackpot iPhone app page.

How to view the latest Eurojackpot results

  • Tap to open the app and it will refresh instantly to show you the latest Eurojackpot results.
  • Tap the text below the numbers to view the full prize breakdown for that draw.

How to check your Eurojackpot tickets

  • From the bottom menu, tap the icon marked ‘Checker’.
  • Select your Eurojackpot numbers, and then tap ‘Check Ticket’ to find out how they performed in recent draws.
  • To clear your selection and check a different set of numbers, tap the ‘Reset’ button.

How to use the Number Generator

  • Tap the icon on the bottom menu marked ‘Generator’.
  • Tap ‘Generate Numbers’ to reveal a randomly selected line of five main numbers and two Euro numbers. Press the button again to generate another set of random numbers.

How to find past Eurojackpot results

  • Tap the ‘Archive’ option on the bottom menu.
  • Select a year from the menu to view all winning numbers from that period of time.

How to change the language settings

  • Tap the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select your desired language by tapping on the appropriate flag.

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