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German Lotto

The German Lotto is the biggest national game in Germany and draws take place twice a week on a Wednesday and Saturday night. The German Lotto is known as ‘6 aus 49’ and it has been available to play since 1974. This lottery is managed by the Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock (DLTB) which runs the German Lotto in a partnership called the Lotteriegesellschaften for 16 individual lotteries.

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In German Lotto draws seven numbers are drawn in total. The first six numbers are drawn from a pool of 1 – 49, these are the main numbers, then an additional number, which is known is the Superzahl, is drawn from a selection of 0 – 9. The Superzahl has to be matched along with all six of the main numbers to be able to win the German Lotto also gives players the chance to win extra prizes, which is similar to the Bonus Ball feature that other world lotteries have

German Lotto Prizes

Altogether there are nine different German Lotto prizes available to win in every game. German Lotto jackpots start at a minimum of €1 million for a Wednesday night draw, this then increases to €2 million for a Saturday night draw. If no players match the German Lotto results to win the top prize it will rollover to the next draw, giving players the chance to win larger amounts of money. The different German Lotto prizes are as follows:

Prize Level Numbers Matched
1st Match 6 + Superzahl
2nd Match 6
3rd Match 5 + Superzahl
4th Match 5
5th Match 4 + Superzahl
6th Match 4
7th Match 3 + Superzahl
8th Match 3
9th Match 2 + Superzahl

To date the biggest German Lotto jackpot ever won happened in December 2007 when three tickets matched the German Lotto results to share that top prize that came out at just over €43.3 million.