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Finnish Lotto

Finnish Lotto is drawn on a Saturday night at 10:15pm UTC+2 and offers multi-million Euro prizes on a regular basis. In June 2014, some of the prize tiers were removed to simplify the game, but in their place came the option to match a Tuplaus, or double-up number, which doubles any prize won - even the jackpot!

Playing the Finnish Lotto

Finnish Lotto players choose seven numbers from a choice of 39, with the jackpot being won by matching all seven with those drawn on the night. The minimum match required to win a Finnish Lotto prize is four main balls, which returns a fixed prize of €10.Ticket holders who match six main numbers can boost their prize by also matching either of the two Bonus Balls drawn.

Here are the prize tiers, the estimated winning amount and the odds of winning in each:

Tier Prize Odds
7 Balls Jackpot 1 in 15,380,937
6 Balls + either Bonus Ball €50,000 approx. 1 in 1,098,638
6 Balls €2,000 approx. 1 in 73,242
5 Balls €50 approx. 1 in 476
4 Balls €10 1 in 88

If more than one person matches all seven numbers then they will share the total and if the jackpot is not won then the amount rolls over to the next draw.


Players have the opportunity to take advantage of the Tuplaus or double-up feature, by paying an extra €0.25 when they buy their ticket. Before the main draw, one number is chosen from the 39 available and, if you have paid the additional fee and have picked that number in your Finnish Lotto line, any prize that you win will be doubled!

Unlike many lotteries with a similar feature, the Tuplaus number doubles any prize, including the jackpot which can lead to a ticket holder winning a massive cash amount!