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The Eurojackpot iPhone app is available for you to download straight to your iPhone for free via iTunes. This Eurojackpot app enables you to view the very latest Eurojackpot results which means you can check to see if you are a Eurojackpot winner all in the palm of your hand. The very latest Eurojackpot results are updated as soon as the weekly draw has taken place, so you no longer have to worry about missing out on a Eurojackpot draw*.

Follow this Eurojackpot iPhone App link to get this lottery results app from iTunes on to your iPhone or alternatively see more information in iTunes.

In addition to that you can now use this Eurojackpot app to access the latest Eurojackpot results on your other favourite Apple devices such as your iPod Touch or iPad.

*To access the latest results an internet connection is required.

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This Eurojackpot iPhone / iPad 2 app is free and comes will the following features: