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The android app allows you to view the very latest Eurojackpot results from your mobile device. For free you can download this android lottery app and it allows you to check to see if you are a Eurojackpot winner within minutes of the draw taking place.

With this free android Eurojackpot app, in addition to the latest Eurojackpot draw numbers you can view a full prize breakdown from the draw.

If you want this Eurojackpot app on your android mobile device, follow this link to download, or visit the google play store for information.

Download the free Eurojackpot Android app now by touching the free download button:

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This Eurojackpot app is free to download and it allows you to do the following:

To download this Eurojackpot android app to your mobile device visit the google's android app market, google play, type ‘Eurojackpot’ in the search bar. Then select the app by the ‘Lottery Company’ and download. However, you can also download the Eurojackpot results app by clicking or scanning the link above. this direct link.