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El Gordo Navidad Lottery

The El Gordo Navidad is a special Christmas draw of the popular Spanish National Lottery, Lotería Nacional, and is played on 22nd December each year. Often referred to as The Fat One, The Big One or the Christmas Lottery, the Navidad is a festive institution in Spain, and has been held every year since 1812. What makes this lottery so unusual is its huge amount of prizes and the sheer quantity of numbers drawn.

The El Gordo Navidad has the largest prize fund in the world, which official sources forecast at a massive €2,520,000,000 for the 2012 Christmas draw!

The whole event is televised in Spain and the draw is a national event, taking hours to complete and having each number drawn sang out by a school of children. Approximately 98% of Spanish people will take part in the Navidad, making it the most played lottery in Spain.

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The actual El Gordo Navidad is more like a raffle than a lottery, as players choose which number to play by choosing from a series of five digit codes. Players have the choice of buying a whole ticket (known as the billete) or one tenth of a ticket (called a decimo). The cost of a whole billete is so steep that often players will form syndicate type groups in order to purchase the whole ticket. Groups can be formed between towns, families or friends. If that ticket wins a prize, this group will keep the entire value of that prize.

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Individuals who buy decimos buy one tenth of a ticket, therefore will win one tenth of any prize on that ticket. Each number is sold many times over in a series or serie, and the number of series’ sold is defined by the amount of tickets available for sale that year. For example, one number will win the first prize, known as the El Gordo, but this number may have been produced up to 200 times, depending on the amount of serie sold. So, if the jackpot is €4 million, each number in the serie will win €4 million. If you have a decimo in that number, you win one tenth of €4 million, which would be €400,000.

El Gordo Christmas Lottery Prize Breakdown

Prize Category Total Prizes Matches Prize*
El Gordo First Prize 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 1st prize €400,000
Second Prize 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 2nd prize €125,000
Third Prize 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 3rd prize €50,000
Fourth Prize 2 Match all 5 numbers of the 4th prize €20,000
Fifth Prize 8 Match all 5 numbers of the 5th prize €6,000

*Prizes values are related per Décimo.

Huge El Gordo Prize Pool

The EL Gordo Navidad is a popular lottery event due to the huge prize pool and the feeling of celebration and jubilation associated with the draw. The prize pool is usually several billion Euros, as it equates for roughly 70% of all ticket sales and almost every person in Spain will have at least a decimo at stake. There are lots of ways to win too, making this an exciting game to be a part of whether you win or lose.