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Danish Lotto

The Danish Lotto is played on Saturday and Wednesday, but the midweek draw has very different rules to the weekend draw, and so lottery players would do well to think of them as completely separate games. The Saturday draw is the most popular of the two and the one that the majority of people are referring to when they talk about ‘the Danish Lotto’ in general terms.

Saturday Danish Lotto

The Saturday Danish Lotto game requires players to select seven numbers from the range 1 to 36. You also need to select one Trump card from a choice of sixteen (Jack, Queen, King or Ace in any of four suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs or Spades).

When the draw takes place, seven main numbers and one bonus number (referred to as the ‘tillægstal’) are selected, as well as one Trump card. If your selections match all seven main numbers then you win the jackpot, which has a minimum value of 8,000,000 kr. If you also match the Trump card then you will trigger an additional prize payout.

The bonus number is not required to win the jackpot, but is instead used to determine which players will win a second-tier consolation prize and which will win a third-tier prize. There are five prize levels in all, as illustrated in the table below:

Prize Level Numbers Required to Win
Jackpot 7 main numbers
2nd 6 main numbers + bonus number
3rd 6 main numbers
4th 5 main numbers
5th 4 main numbers

Wednesday Danish Lotto

The Wednesday Danish Lotto game requires you to select six numbers from the range 1 to 48. When the game takes place six main numbers will be drawn along with two bonus numbers. Match all six main numbers and you win the jackpot, which has a minimum value of 7,000,000 kr. As in the Saturday Danish Lotto game, the Wednesday Lotto has five prize levels, as follows:

Prize Level Numbers Required to Win
Jackpot 6 main numbers
2nd 5 main numbers + bonus number
3rd 5 main numbers
4th 4 main numbers
5th 3 main numbers

Playing the Danish Lotto

You can buy tickets online for the Danish Lotto so your geographical location is largely irrelevant. Buying Danish Lotto tickets online is a simple matter of making your selections, choosing the number of consecutive draws that you want to play those selections for and then paying for the entries. You can check the Danish Lotto results online just as soon as the draw has taken place, but if you forget to do that you needn’t worry because you will be notified by email automatically if you win a prize.