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Eurojackpot offers prizes worth up to €90 million every Friday night. The jackpot begins at a minimum of €10 million and can quickly grow with rollovers. Its huge prizes and favourable odds of winning make it one of the most popular lotteries in Europe.

Players from 17 nations across the continent take part in the game, which is drawn at 8pm CET in Helsinki, Finland.

Announcement: Poland will be joining Eurojackpot in September 2017! Read More >

Winning numbers and values for all twelve prize tiers appear on the Results page soon after the draw takes place. You can also find up-to-date statistics and other helpful information about Eurojackpot on this website.

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Latest Eurojackpot News
Monday 10th July

Finnish Player Wins €46.5 Million Eurojackpot Top Prize

A Finnish Eurojackpot player from Tampere, in the south of the country, is €46.5 million better off after matching all five main numbers and two Euro numbers on Friday night. They became not only the second player from Finland to win the jackpot this year, but also the second ticket holder from Tampere too.

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