Eurojackpot Results for Friday 4th October 2013

The Eurojackpot is one of the biggest lottery games available to play in Europe. Eurojackpot draws take place once a week on a Friday night and the numbers are drawn in Helsinki, Finland. All you need to do to play the Eurojackpot is select five numbers from a range of 1 – 50 then two additional numbers, known as Euro numbers, from a range of 1 – 10. Then, in order to become a Eurojackpot top prize winner you have to match the five main draw numbers and two Euro numbers displayed on your ticket with the ones that make up the Eurojackpot results.

Eurojackpot Draw Date: 04/10/2013 Draw Number: 40

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Eurojackpot Draw Number 40 Prize Breakdown:

Prize Level Euro Value (€) Winners
Match 5 and 2 Euro Numbers €10,000,000 Rollover 0
Match 5 and 1 Euro Number €376,461 1
Match 5 €97,880 1
Match 4 and 2 Euro Numbers €5,315 17
Match 4 and 1 Euro Number €265.90 269
Match 4 €127.20 355
Match 3 and 2 Euro Numbers €58.30 1,097
Match 2 and 2 Euro Numbers €14.40 18,147
Match 3 and 1 Euro Number €22.40 13,721
Match 3 €14.40 18,668
Match 1 and 2 Euro Numbers €9.60 93,795
Match 2 and 1 Euro Number €8.60 200,700

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